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Arkitech Revolutionizes Home Construction with Modular Innovation

Crafting Unique Homes: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

At Arkitech, the journey begins with your vision. Drawing upon over three decades of experience, Arkitech blends modern innovation with time-honored craftsmanship to create homes that are truly one-of-a-kind. Their portfolio boasts 8 meticulously designed models, each a testament to the fusion of space, functionality, and beauty.

Unmatched Convenience and Quality

Arkitech takes care of every aspect of the building process, from securing permits to finalizing construction. With a streamlined approach and a focus on quality assurance, Arkitech ensures a seamless experience for clients. From the initial design phase to the finishing touches, Arkitech prioritizes precision and professionalism at every step.

Your Dream Home Awaits: Explore the Possibilities

With Arkitech, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a range of models, including Harmony, Natura, Balance, Aqua, and more, each offering a unique blend of materials and aesthetics. Whether you prefer porcelain, wood, stone, or concrete, Arkitech has the perfect solution to match your lifestyle and preferences.

The Genesis of Arkitech: A Story of Innovation and Vision

Eduardo and David are two brothers that along with Curro shared a vision for transforming the home construction industry. Eduardo, having spent his entire life in Spain after returning from Canada at the age of 10, Curro an architect and business entrepreneur and David, who met his wife in Spain before moving to Canada in 2007 with their two children, where he was deeply involved in the construction business. It was in Canada where David witnessed the advanced acceptance of industrialized homes and their associated technologies. In 2022, he saw an opportunity to bring this innovation to Spain, leading to the inception of Arkitech.

The company was officially registered in 2022, with David shaping the business idea and its future strategies while still residing in Canada and Eduardo and Curro taking care of the technical and operational aspect here in Spain. Today, Arkitech stands as the sole provider of this cutting-edge product on the Costa del Sol. Unlike other small companies that offer prefabricated homes, Arkitech specializes in building premium-quality single-family homes. With the largest facilities in Malaga and a team of qualified engineers and architects, they are the pioneers in this field.

“In 2022, I noticed a demand for single-family homes from the international market and the time it took to meet that demand,” says David. “That’s when the idea of building homes in 4 months seemed like a viable solution, and thus Arkitech was born.”

                                                                                      David Sánchez, CEO

Arkitech is currently collaborating with municipal authorities in the province of Malaga to try to expedite the licensing process, ensuring that their homes are ready within the promised timeframe. Their wide range of investors sees the appeal in investing in properties with Arkitech, knowing that their return on investment is much quicker compared to traditional methods, which typically take around 2 years.

“For us, it’s not just about constructing houses; it’s about providing a complete service, from design to delivery,” adds David. “We create personalized designs from scratch for each client, ensuring that every aspect is tailored to their needs and preferences. From handling all documentation with urban planning to obtaining licenses, we take care of everything. Once the design is approved and the contract signed, clients only have to wait for us to deliver the home: a complete turnkey service.”

A Lucrative and Expansive Investor Niche

Arkitech boasts a broad investor niche keen on acquiring homes for resale. These investors acknowledge that the return on investment (ROI) is significantly faster than the traditional method, which typically takes around 2 years. This system is highly profitable for both investors and couples seeking to purchase a property. Additionally, homes starting at 120 m2 are accessible from 215,000 euros.


                                                                                      Serenity model, 4 months

Experience Elevated Living: From Concept to Creation

Step inside an Arkitech home and discover a world of unparalleled comfort and sophistication. With customizable interior finishes and meticulous attention to detail, Arkitech ensures that every aspect of your home reflects your personal style and taste.

Discover Arkitech: Where Dreams Take Shape

Don’t just build a house; create a home with Arkitech. Join the ranks of savy homeowners who are embracing modular innovation and redefining the way we live. Contact Arkitech today to embark on your journey towards the home of your dreams. #Arkitech #ModularHomes #HomeConstruction #DreamHome #Innovation #QualityLiving


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