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Deck out Your Home Gym with Premium Gear from High End Homes

Deck out Your Home Gym with Premium Gear from High End Homes

Want to start building your own home gym? Find top-of-the-line home equipment by Pent Fitness at High End Homes in Marbella and you won’t have any excuse to ditch a workout! 

We all like to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, and this is not only achieved by following a balanced diet, but also by following good habits and, above all, by staying active. To set up a gym at home, it is advisable to dedicate a specific space and adapt it to the needs of the exercises you want to carry out. 

We may be emerging from the pandemic, but many of us are looking to remain cautious and stay at home when it comes to getting in a workout. For many, what started out of necessity has become a habit they have no intention of giving up. 

While the advantages of a fitness centre are obvious, working out at home can go a long way towards making it easier to maintain a healthy routine. Investing in a home gym seems like a wise choice given the current circumstances.

Not only that, but the home equipment at High-End Homes in Marbella features a luxury home range for those who don’t wish to have unsightly weights lying around. 


PENT Fitness – Luxury Home Gym Equipment

The basis of any physical change is based on four main pillars: motivation, training, nutrition, and rest. Motivation is the key to a good workout; this will be the basis to encourage you to train at home. 

And what better way to stay motivated than by having your own luxury home gym to work out in? PENT Fitness arguably has the most beautiful home gym equipment we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Offering lines of barbells, dumbbells, benches, medicine balls, kettlebells, boxing gear, and other accessories, it has a distinctively elegant, smooth finish to its equipment. Take a look for yourself: 

Working in perfect harmony with modern machines and high-quality materials, PENT Fitness’ design team is unmatched in terms of experience and craftsmanship. The company strives to give the look of the equipment an elegant and timeless feel, with a flawless curve, angle, and stainless steel finish. 

The equipment is made to please demanding customers, which is why the shape of the equipment is the result of months of intensive care and labour. The design incorporates oiled walnut to give a firm yet pleasant grip, which is also highly hygienic, and as a result, no harmful substances are passed onto the user as they sweat. 

PENT Fitness is aimed at those who wish to take their personal workout space to the next level. Whether it be for fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers wishing to upgrade their livelihood, or owners of luxury gyms and spas, PENT equipment effortlessly gives any gym space a glamorous, professional feel. 

PENT Fitness equipment in High-End Homes, Marbella

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Situated in Marbella, High-End Homes  Based in Marbella, a luxury interior furniture store that provides chic and professional design services, as well as a personalised service. Featuring top of the line Scandinavian brands, the showroom is the brainchild of Norwegian designer Ann Sand. 

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