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Exploring the Luxury Real Estate World: Koch & Varlet, Innovators in Costa Blanca Norte

Exploring the Luxury Real Estate World: Koch & Varlet, Innovators in Costa Blanca Norte

A deep dive into Koch & Varlet, leaders in the luxury property market in Costa Blanca Norte, and how their innovative approach and collaboration with young architects are redefining the real estate experience.

Koch & Varlet, a benchmark in the real estate market, stands out for its specialized focus on luxury properties in the tranquil Costa Blanca Norte. This agency has crossed borders, attracting new American clients while maintaining its loyal European clientele, from Germans and Dutch to French, Swiss, and Belgians.

The Focus on ExcellenceThe firm focuses on a niche they understand perfectly: luxury properties starting at €800,000. Transparency is key, ensuring both the seller and the buyer are fully informed.


“Koch & Varlet strives to innovate and offer unparalleled experiences. Our commitment to young architects allows us to break conventions and offer unique designs that captivate our clients”, Maeva.


The agency carefully curates the customer experience before their arrival in Spain, presenting only properties with high sales potential. This includes investments in spacious layouts and renovations, like the recent sale of a brand-new estate.

Touch of distinction

Koch & Varlet has managed to tap into a new niche: that of estates highly sought after by clients from Northern Europe tired of rainy and cloudy weather. As such, the company offers rustic estates called “Fincas” containing natural materials such as wood, Italian travertine marble, and dry hand-cut stone, to harness the elements provided by nature and noble materials. “There aren’t many estates of this type on the market, and it’s one of the products that set us apart.” highlights Koch & Varlet.

Koch & Varlet bets on organic, curved designs, discarding repetition in favor of uniqueness. Each property is a unique masterpiece that reflects their commitment to constant evolution.

While they cover the entire Costa Blanca Norte from Denia to Altea, their stronghold lies in Jávea, where their presence is profound, and their understanding of the local market is exceptional.

The agency draws inspiration from global architectural trends, collaborating with young Spanish architects, promoting innovation in design and architecture.

The Search for Real Estate Gems

With a clientele seeking unique properties, Koch & Varlet approaches their clients personally, presenting exclusive opportunities before they disappear from the market.



The Future of Mediterranean Style

Properties constructed above the million-euro mark reflect the Mediterranean style, evolving from the traditional ‘Ibizenco’ to a distinctive style that Koch & Varlet has dubbed their own, inspired by the charm of Jávea.

In conclusion, Koch & Varlet epitomizes innovation and excellence in the luxury real estate sector of Costa Blanca Norte. Their laser-focused approach on high-value properties, dedication to transparency, and collaboration with creative architects have redefined the real estate experience. With a keen eye on global trends and a deep understanding of local markets, they continue to lead the way, offering unique, captivating properties that speak to the evolving desires of their diverse clientele. Koch & Varlet isn’t just redefining luxury living; they’re shaping the future of real estate, one unparalleled property at a time.


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