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Gilmar: Spain’s Leading Real Estate Services Company with 40 Years of Expertise

Gilmar: Spain’s Leading Real Estate Services Company with 40 Years of Expertise

Building Trust in the Real Estate Market. Gilmar, Spain’s leading real estate services company, boasts a remarkable 40-year history in the market. This family-owned enterprise, notable for its non-franchise approach, represents the epitome of reliability, experience, and excellence within the local market.

Specialized Guidance: Your Success is Our Commitment

An expert team stands ready to provide clients with tailored advice on real estate investments. Gilmar’s distinction lies in maintaining an extensive portfolio of 8 lines of business, enabling them to offer custom solutions to every client. This includes the ability to execute renovations and interior design studies, ensuring that properties meet the most discerning expectations.

Experience, Convenience, and Transparency: Our Values

Gilmar’s long-standing presence in the market is not solely attributed to experience but also to the core values that guide each interaction with clients. Comfort and transparency are hallmarks of their service. This leading real estate services company works tirelessly to ensure that every client feels secure and supported throughout their real estate journey.

Buying and Selling with Confidence

At Gilmar, security and trust are foundational principles. They offer advisory services covering everything from property valuations to legal and financial counsel, mortgage loans, and official property appraisals. Furthermore, Gilmar leads the way in real estate sales, meaning they possess the widest database in the market, cutting-edge digital tools, and personalized guidance from real estate experts.

Rental Options for All Tastes

Gilmar’s commitment extends beyond buying and selling transactions. They also provide a specialized team for short, medium, and long-term rentals, ensuring that clients find options that best suit their needs in different regions of Spain.

Beyond Buying and Selling: After-Sales Service

Gilmar stands out for its comprehensive and free after-sales service to address all client needs before, during, and after the purchase or sale of a property. They also offer exceptional terms for moving services and storage.

Renovations and Interior Design: Your Space, Your Style

Through their group company, “Soluciones Constructivas,” Gilmar offers personalized advice on renovations and interior design. From project conceptualization to the execution of the minutest details, Gilmar ensures your space reflects your style and needs.

Profitable Investments with Gilmar Capital Markets

Gilmar Capital Markets is a specialized division that aids clients in maximizing the profitability of their investments. With their deep knowledge of the real estate market in Spain and connections with property owners and investors, Gilmar creates investment opportunities in various areas, from offices and buildings to hotels and industrial facilities. This service goes beyond buying and selling, covering property searches, feasibility studies, financial advice, valuations, financing, and more.

A Multidisciplinary Team at Your Service

With a multidisciplinary professional team, Gilmar offers comprehensive guidance on technical, legal, and financial matters at every stage of the real estate process. Experience, commitment, and versatility make Gilmar the trusted choice for those seeking to engage in real estate transactions or investments in Spain.

In every corner of the Spanish real estate market, Gilmar, the leading real estate services company, has left its mark, building trust and delivering solutions that make a difference. With 40 years of experience and a wide range of services, Gilmar is your trusted partner in the real estate world.


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