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Marbella & Co and m2Casas: Redefining Luxury in Costa del Sol

Marbella & Co and m2Casas: Redefining Luxury in Costa del Sol

Explore how these two companies, collaborating together, reshape the concept of luxury homes in the Costa del Sol.

Under the sun of Costa del Sol, Marbella & Co and m2Casas emerges as symbols of distinction and expertise in materializing architectural dreams in the paradisiacal sites of the region. Marbella & Co finds the plots thanks to the wide experience of their agents in the area as a real estate company and then guides the client through the process and m2Casas takes care of the design and construction of the tailor-made villa.

Since 1997, Marbella & Co has paved its way to international recognition, skillfully handpicking properties that epitomize the dreams of foreign buyers. This real estate expert relies on its partnership with m2Casas to breathe life into these unique visions.

In the hands of m2Casas’ design, development, architecture and construction team, each property carefully selected by Marbella & Co transforms into an architectural masterpiece. The focus is on materializing the specific desires and requirements of clients, ensuring that every detail aligns meticulously with their expectations. The combination of Marbella & Co’s expertise in finding exceptional land plots and m2Casas’ mastery in designing and constructing customized villas creates an unmatched synergy. Both companies are renowned for their ability to find and transform ideas into homes that encapsulate luxury, elegance, and functionality.

Sustainable construction

Specializing in responsible and sustainable construction, m2Casas constantly pursues the enhancement of construction standards. Their approach goes beyond the conventional, integrating new technologies and methods that not only optimize quality and comfort but also respect and preserve the environment.

The dedication of the m2Casas team extends beyond the construction process. From the initial stage to handing over the keys, each step is managed with precision and attention to detail. They collaborate with multidisciplinary professionals, providing comprehensive advice to clients, and meticulously coordinating every aspect to ensure a smooth and successful process.


The commitment to delivering a luxury service drives the vision of both groups. From the careful selection of plots to the creation of cutting-edge designs by the best architects, they execute each project with a level of excellence that sets a standard in the industry.

The homes built by m2Casas are a testament to superior quality, refined design, and the use of top-notch materials. Each home promises an exceptional living place, blending sophistication, functionality, and an enduring commitment to excellence.

In summary, Marbella & Co and m2Casas don’t just build dream villas; they create homes where elegance, functionality, and comfort intertwine in settings of Costa del Sol.


Contact details

Santa Clara Golf Club, C/ Sand, N° 17, Second floor

E-29603, Marbella

Málaga, Spain


Marbella & Co: Tel (+34) 952 865 525



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