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Nordik Estates; You Are Not Just Purchasing a House, You Are Buying a Home and Lifestyle

Nordik Estates; You Are Not Just Purchasing a House, You Are Buying a Home and Lifestyle

When it comes to finding your new home, sometimes looking at pictures of houses one after the other isn’t enough; most of the time, we’d like to find someone on the other side who is knowledgeable enough but also close enough to show us the houses that fit our needs, to transmit that confidence and fascination for everything that is to come. Well if this is you and want to find out what we’re talking about then continue reading because we will present to you a real estate agency that really makes a difference.



We’re talking today about Nordik Estates, a professional real estate company in the Costa Blanca that helps buyers and sellers of property. But first, we wish to let you know a little bit about the people that run this family business.



Nicolai Jensen, together with his wife Yohanne, are the current owners of Nordik Estates. However, this is also a family business as Nicolai’s father began a resort business on the Danish island of Bornholm in 1996 where he used to renovate hotels and resold them as holiday rentals.



Nicolai, who learned from his father’s success became involved in the family business in the year 2000, and as they used to come on vacation to Spain every year, especially to the area of Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol they decided in 2005 to buy a house here motivated by the fantastic Spanish lifestyle, the sun, and the joy of staying here more definitively.

They wanted to assist other people to discover holiday homes in 2011, so they opened their first office in Albir under the name Marysol Villas, and as things were going well, they opened their second office in Calpe in 2015.

Yohanne joined the business as an exclusive Commercial and Sales agent in 2021. It was then that Nicolai together with her started their relationship and built on the foundations of both his and hers companies what is now Nordik Estates.


This Persian and German real estate salesperson has lived and been educated in a variety of nations, including Iran, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, and Spain. As a consequence, she is bilingual, which makes her job with all of her clients much simpler because she can speak to them in their own language. Yohanne has vast expertise in the field since moving to Spain in 2015, and she hasn’t stopped cooperating and working for major real estate companies, as well as working as a freelancer on her own project for the past two years.


What makes Nordik Estates different



They are different from the competitors because they are not only selling houses to people, they sell the dream, the lifestyle, and happiness they found by themselves when they decided to move here to their clients.

They also work especially with Eco green builders as their main attention are new builds and smart eco/greenhouses.

They mainly do relocation with all that that entails because of their team of lawyers, architects, immigration department, insurance, international schools, etc. so they make it very easy when you are planning to invest. They make sure that your dream of living in Spain becomes a reality and you don’t have to worry about the process making it enjoyable and shorter. Nordik Estates makes you feel at home from the minute they meet you and they don’t stop until you are in your new home with a smile on your face.

Therefore, if you are looking for your dream home on the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol or are looking to sell your villa or apartment then we suggest you contact Nordik as the experience will be a pleasurable and successful one.




Life Is Better in Spain
Das Leben ist schön in Spanien
Livet er skønt i Spanien
Het leven is beter in Spanje
Жизнь лучше в Испании


Contact them today on:

Carrer Benidorm 2

03710 Calpe / Calp (Alicante)

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