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Quadratia, The Benchmark In The Market On The Costa Blanca

Quadratia, The Benchmark In The Market On The Costa Blanca

Quadratia was founded in 2005 with the backing of an important real estate group that has more than 40 years of experience in residential property projects. 


Quadratia’s beginnings are inextricably related to Costa Blanca, where it is now based and the demands of consumers searching for a second home by the sea.

The construction of almost 7,500 homes demonstrates the quality and skill of a corporation that has been producing residential structures for 50 years via several companies (Grupo Alicante Urbana and Akra Urbana, among others).

Its origins can date back to the early 1970s in the city of Alicante, where its most iconic projects are located, particularly in Playa de San Juan, where they were forerunners of the holiday residential concept aimed at families who desired homes with large terraces, generous communal areas, and spacious gardens.

Among its most notable projects are Versalles, Garden, and the Fontana Shopping Centre. Another of their major projects is the Bonalba Golf Course, where they created about 2,000 residences with a sports vacation focus and tremendous popularity with the worldwide audience.

Quadratia was founded in the second generation and was initially focused on providing third-party residential development services. As a statement of trust in their growth potential, they assisted numerous organizations in managing the completion of works throughout Spain throughout the 2008 crisis.



Following the arrival of international real estate funds in Spain, Quadratia has partnered with several of them, relying on local know-how to develop developments, not only on the Costa Blanca, but also along the Mediterranean Coast, Costa del Sol, and Costa Cálida.

Quadratia’s presence on the ground, understanding of the local market, and technical and commercial dependability are the keys to its success in constructing exceptional residential projects.

Its marketing strategy, and hence its projects, has shifted in recent years from a national second home customer to a significantly multinational client profile.

Adoras Atelier, with its own architecture team, has the benefit of changing the projects, directing them specifically to the demands of the present customer, whose profile is that of the international buyer searching for a second home on the coast, both for vacation usage and to spend lengthy periods of time.

Quadratia chooses places that satisfy the needs of the future customer (proximity to the sea, vistas, excellent orientation, adequate sunshine…) in coastal cities with a Mediterranean flavor, based on its significant expertise and knowledge of worldwide clients demand. From there, under Quadratia´s commitment to environmental integration and sustainability, a one-of-a-kind project is created for each location, maximizing the design to take advantage of the views, location, and orientation, and the residences are outfitted with a degree of quality that meets the client’s expectations.

Similarly, the common facilities are built for residents’ enjoyment, with designer swimming pools, spas, indoor water areas for year-round usage, outdoor gyms, coworking spaces, and so on.

Quadratia also has a technical staff that oversees the completion of all activities and is backed by a stringent construction company selection procedure. Depending on the demands of each project, project awarding is done among many national, regional, or local construction businesses.

The customer service department is multilingual and fully understands the specific needs of international customers in the purchasing process. During its long history, Quadratia’s sales team has served customers from all European countries and even from the USA, Asia and Latin America.

From the company’s headquarters, located in the city of Alicante, more than 40 professionals from different areas are responsible for the successful development of projects.



Their Projects


In Alicante, Quadratia acted on behalf of the City Council as the developer of Pau-5, the new expansion area of Playa de San Juan, where two relevant developments were also managed for 2 different real estate funds: Nature Residencial (for Kronos Homes), which was awarded Best Architectural Design Project at the Outstanding Property Awards London, and Itaca Residencial (for ASG Homes), both completed and delivered.

A walk through the town center reveals some of its latest developments, including Calvo Sotelo, PLC Residencial, close to Plaza Seneca, and Marva 3 (for Kronos Homes), an iconic high-end residential complex near the well-known Plaza de Los Luceros.

Allonbay Village, located between Villajoyosa and Cala de Finestrat, is another of Quadratia’s major urban initiatives, with space for over 700 residences on the seashore of Playa El Torres, a magnificent cove with crystal blue waters. This project has been designed under strict environmental guidelines and has been awarded the first BREEAM certificate for urban planning in Spain. Aqua Residencial, Arena Residencial, and Aster Residencial have all been built in this unique position, and have been well received by foreign customers.

The residential offer on the Mediterranean Coast is completed with their new Living ISEA brand. On the Costa Blanca, the recent launch of Isea Views in Calpe, a residential development with two 18-story towers, benefits from a privileged location, between the Salinas and the sea in front of the emblematic Ifach Rock, and a design to enjoy the Mediterranean climate at any time of the year. There are 103 flats of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, with large terraces, a carefully designed interior and spacious and complete communal areas including several swimming pools, paddle tennis court & gardens at the ground level and a heated infinity pool with sea views, chill-out area and gymnasium on the 11th floor of one of the towers, among other services.



Isea Calma on the Costa Cálida is another of Quadratia’s developments with spectacular sea views. It is located in the Isla del Fraile residential development in Águilas. Its first phase, with 85 homes, is currently on sale, with 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes, large terraces and very complete communal areas.


On the Costa del Sol, they are currently developing a new sector in Estepona, called Arroyo Enmedio, where Isea Estepona, the first development in the sector, has recently been launched. As well as in the eastern part of Malaga, where the second phase of Isea Calaceite, a residential development next to Nerja, with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, is being marketed.



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