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Turning Dreams into Reality: Case Study of a Perfect Home Match

Turning Dreams into Reality: Case Study of a Perfect Home Match

In this inspiring account, Arie van Staalduinen, Founder and CEO of Moraira Invest Group, shares how his team helped a young couple find their dream home and experience true happiness. By carefully matching their individual needs and preferences with the ideal property, the couple’s journey to homeownership became a resounding success. Let’s explore the details of this example of personalized service and exceptional real estate expertise.

Tim and Jessie, a young entrepreneurial couple with two children, wanted to change their lives and move to Spain. They were referred to our real estate agency by a satisfied client, which shows that we provide a comprehensive service that our clients are happy with. In this case study, we will explore how we helped Tim and Jessie find their dream home in Spain, from the initial meeting to the successful purchase and conveyancing


After initial contact, we scheduled an introductory meeting with Tim to discuss his needs and desires. During the meeting, he explained in detail his entire situation and told us what he wanted. We noted everything he wanted in order to develop a strategy to find the perfect house for him.

Proposal and inspection of the property:

We suggested a number of options that might meet Tim’s criteria and visited several properties to better understand his preferences. With each visit, we learned more about what he liked and did not like, so we could adjust our search to find what he was really looking for.

Finding the perfect house:

After a few weeks, Tim returned with his wife and we continued our search for suitable properties. We were able to quickly find the perfect finca, which they immediately fell in love with. The property search was made easier by the fact that we had detailed notes about their requirements and preferences.

Legal Matters:

As with most real estate transactions, a number of legal matters needed to be addressed before the purchase could be finalised. We worked closely with a law firm to ensure that everything was 100% “clean” at the time of transfer so that it was a worry-free purchase.

Closing the Deal:

We maintained excellent communication with both the buyers and the sellers, creating a friendly relationship with a high favour factor. We fulfilled their wishes so they could begin their move to Spain, and allowed them to have a stress-free trip to purchase their new property and move in with their family.

Happy clients:

Tim, Jessie and their children are now living in their dream finca and are very happy. The successful outcome of this case study is a testament to our commitment and expertise in this area. We are committed to providing comprehensive services that ensure customer satisfaction and deliver results that exceed expectations. Our commitment to a stress-free buying process, clear communication and attention to detail have made us a trusted real estate agency with our clients.

Tim’s review

“In April of this year we came into contact with Arie Van Staalduinen, owner of Moraira Invest, for the purchase of our property in Costa Blanca, Spain. We were warmly welcomed at his office where we immediately walked through a number of options on a large screen. We quickly received several websites where we could find suitable homes. In addition, Arie also came up with several new homes that appeared on the market, so that we were the first to be among them. This quickly led to viewings. Within a few weeks, our dream home was already included! During the purchase process we received a lot of support from Arie’s professional attitude.

Where in Spain the incentive for brokers usually comes from the selling party, Arie has handled this carefully and above all with integrity by advising us on all possible obstacles and the legal aspects in consultation with our lawyer.

We have experienced the contact, the process and the settlement of this as very pleasant. Arie’s friendly attitude and large network have stayed with us. Whereas as a Dutch person you have less insight and knowledge of Spanish purchase and sales processes, you know that you have made a safe choice to work with Moraira Invest. We therefore definitely recommended Moraira Invest to buy or sell a property in Spain.”

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