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Unlocking Luxury Real Estate Potential in Northern Costa Blanca: Insights from Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors

Unlocking Luxury Real Estate Potential in Northern Costa Blanca: Insights from Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors

Investing in luxury real estate has always been an attractive option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio. This trend is even more pronounced in the northern Costa Blanca, a Spanish coastal paradise that offers an impressive range of high-end properties. Today, the experts at Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors, in the person of Maeva Varlet, co-founder of Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors, offer their expert advice on how to successfully navigate this dynamic market.

According to a study conducted by Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors, the luxury real estate market in northern Costa Blanca has grown steadily by 5% per year over the past five years. Moreover, 60% of buyers come from abroad, with customers from Germany, France, the Netherlands and now Eastern Europe predominating.

“The Costa Blanca North offers a thriving luxury real estate market, with increasing demand from international clients. It is an attractive place to invest in high-end real estate because of the diversity of the landscape and the prospects for further growth,” explains Maeva Varlet.

  1. Understanding the local market

The landscape of northern Costa Blanca is extremely diverse, offering a unique mix of natural and architectural attractions that have a direct impact on property values.

“To be successful in this investment, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the local market. Each area has its own characteristics and advantages. We work closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and goals so that we can show them the best investment opportunities,” says Maeva Varlet.

  1. Thinking in the long term

Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors recommends considering future market trends when investing in a luxury property. According to a survey conducted by the agency, 75% of luxury buyers plan to use their property as a second home, as well as a long-term investment, with annual growth of 4-6% expected over the next decade.

  1. Conducting due diligence

Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors emphasises the importance of due diligence when investing in luxury properties. This includes checking the condition of the property, reviewing title deeds, and considering future maintenance costs.

“We work with our clients to conduct thorough due diligence on each property. We make sure our clients have all the information they need to make informed decisions and minimise risk,” says Maeva Varlet.

  1. Considering the profitability of the rental

Finally, the agency notes that more and more investors want to take advantage of the profitability of renting: “The Costa Blanca North is a popular holiday destination that attracts demanding visitors from all over the world. Well-located and well-maintained properties have a high potential for rental returns and offer investors the opportunity to earn a solid return on investment.”

In 2022, the average rental yield in the luxury segment of Costa Blanca North was 3.5%, a figure that is expected to increase as demand for high-end holiday properties continues to grow.

  1. The potential for property renovation

Renovating an outdated property can be a lucrative investment strategy, but Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors stresses the importance of working with experienced professionals to maximise investment returns.

Investing in luxury real estate on the Costa Blanca North offers remarkable potential for the discerning investor. With their unmatched expertise and personalised advice, Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors is a trusted partner to successfully navigate this competitive market. Whether you are looking to purchase a second home, explore the high-end rental market, or renovate properties, the team at Koch & Varlet Luxury Realtors is here to help you turn your real estate dreams into a profitable and rewarding reality.

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