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Yohanne P. Goergens: a woman in business means business

Yohanne P. Goergens: a woman in business means business

Yohanne Pezham Goergens, a German-Persian Ayurvedic Therapist, now assumes the role of Executive Director and Master Franchisee, along with her Danish partner Nicolai Jensen, at the prestigious Von Poll Real Estate Costa Blanca. The success of this remarkable woman, and the means by which she achieved it, warrants our attention. Thanks to her unique and atypical background, Yohanne has managed to establish herself as the preeminent expert on relocation in the Costa Blanca region. Let us delve into the fascinating history and persona of this remarkable businesswoman.

With a university degree in animal psychology and extensive experience as an Ayurvedic Therapist, Yohanne has developed a distinctive perspective on life and business that sets her apart from her contemporaries. In her professional life, these qualities enhance her customer service skills and meticulous attention to detail to an unparalleled degree. She has set a new standard in the real estate industry, aspiring to nothing less than the well-being and happiness of her clients. As Yohanne explains, “My experience as an Ayurvedic Therapist and my connection to inner peace imbue me with the strength to do my utmost in providing clients with a peaceful and stress-free relocation to their new lifestyle and home on our beautiful Costa Blanca”.

Yohanne also possesses expertise in immigration and golden visa services, extending to non-European citizens, including UK, American, and Canadian nationals. This expertise enables her to guide clients through the intricate procedures and requirements involved in relocating to Spain, assisting them in obtaining the necessary documentation and visas required to reside and work in Spain, while also advising them on the various legal and financial aspects of purchasing property in the country. Her knowledge enables her to provide a comprehensive relocation package to her clients, which includes assistance in finding suitable housing, schools for children, and local amenities, as well as advice on cultural differences and integrating into the local community.

Her involvement in promoting local businesses through social media, starting a women’s club and organizing events with her friend Kata Bene, exemplifies her dedication to the community and her desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. From her own experiences, Yohanne recognizes that relocating to a new country can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, and her ability to provide guidance and support throughout the process ensures that her clients experience a smooth and stress-free transition to their new home in Southern Spain.

Her professionalism is rooted in her own experiences of relocating to different countries in her life, providing her with unprecedented insight into the feelings and concerns of those undertaking this significant change. She treats all her clients with the same level of care and attention she would afford to her own family and friends, aiming to establish long-term relationships with them. As Yohanne affirms, “My ultimate goal in my Business is for my clients of today to become my future friends.”

Yohanne’s success stems from her fervent desire to assist people in achieving their goals. Her community involvement, unique experience in immigration services, and her unwavering commitment to her clients set her apart from her peers. Her focus on inner peace and helping individuals lead their best lives is an inspiration to us all. If you are considering a complete life transformation in Spain and choose to engage Yohanne’s team at Von Poll Real Estate, rest assured they will exceed your expectations and guide you every step of the way, ensuring you avoid the stress and hassle of bureaucracy.

Life Is Better in Spain
Das Leben ist schön in Spanien
Livet er skønt i Spanien
Het leven is beter in Spanje
زندگی در اسپانیا زیباتر است



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