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Gilmar’s Soaring Success: A 40-Year Legacy of Real Estate Excellence

Gilmar’s Soaring Success: A 40-Year Legacy of Real Estate Excellence

Gilmar is a Spanish real estate company that has been at the forefront of the brokerage market for the past 40 years. Born in Madrid in 1983, we expanded to the Costa del Sol in 1992. Present in Andalusia, the Canary Islands, and the central area of Madrid, we have a total of 35 offices. Additionally, we have agreements in other high-activity real estate areas in Spain.

Explaining Gilmar’s Growth as a Leading Agency in Spain

The 40-year history of Gilmar serves as a testament to our reliability and instills confidence in our clients. Our leaders are visionaries who understand the real estate brokerage business, emphasizing the importance of trust and transparency. Recognizing that buying a home is a significant investment, we prioritize accompanying clients with trust and transparency. Our extensive experience gives us a high-value know-how compared to our competitors.

Demand for Properties in the Costa del Sol and Gilmar’s Offerings

The Costa del Sol is expansive, stretching from the capital city of Malaga to Cadiz, passing through Sotogrande and the Campo de Gibraltar.

It is a highly sought-after region due to its marvelous climate, so much so that experts suggest we are becoming the Florida of Europe. The quality of life is unparalleled, with excellent gastronomy contributing to the high demand, a demand that has always existed and is appreciating in value.

We cater to a diverse clientele, including both national and international clients seeking a new permanent or summer residence. Our clientele also includes the older population searching for their dream retirement spot, as well as more exclusive clients in pursuit of luxury living and digital nomads choosing our country for work.

All of this is complemented by the strong pull that the city of Malaga has as the driving force of the Costa del Sol. The capital is no longer just about sun and beaches; it has become a hub for technology companies, generating wealth and employment and attracting talent to the region.

Another significant driving force is the cultural scene, with the establishment of internationally relevant museums. With all these factors, the region has not only become a destination for sun and golf but also offers much more variety, transforming Malaga into an exquisite place to live.

Gilmar’s Sponsorship and Collaboration in Notable Projects

Gilmar prioritizes corporate social responsibility and supports numerous local projects through all our offices. We are actively involved with associations like the Cancer Association, where I hold the position of vice president in the Marbella branch. Our support extends not only to patients and their families but also to the research of this disease. We also collaborate with sports events that promote humanistic values.

“Guiding successful real estate journeys with trust, transparency, and a touch of Gilmar’s expertise.”

Mid and Long-Term Projects at Gilmar

We have two main lines of business: the marketing of new developments and the brokerage of second-hand properties.

In the promotions department, we offer a comprehensive service to developers. We present them with a marketing proposal, covering branding, market analysis, pricing proposals, design, etc. Ultimately, we have our finger on the market’s pulse, precisely understanding the demands of the final buyer. Currently, we exclusively market 10 developments from Malaga capital to Estepona, with an additional 3 in the planning stages for next year. Here are some details:

  • In Malaga, we have a fantastic promotion in the Limonar area called 107 Almendrales, starting from €355,700.
  • In the West Zone of Malaga, we offer: Bisso starting from €200,700; Arbitana starting from €219,500; Inesia starting from €320,700
  • In the historic center, we present: Avant starting from €230,000; and on the Costa del Sol, we market Almar in Mijas Costa starting from €1,770,000. A new project introduced in the New Golden Mile of Estepona starting from €984,000.

Changing Trends in the Real Estate Sector in Recent Years

Before the onset of Covid-19, the real estate market experienced a slowdown, anticipating a crisis. The pandemic brought new profiles looking for different types of homes with larger terraces, open spaces, and serviced communities. There was a mindset shift, resulting in increased sales in 2021 and 2022. Currently, the market is adjusting in terms of supply, demand, and housing prices, with Gilmar adapting to these changes, offering the best properties with top-notch service. Gilmar has consistently emerged strengthened in every crisis, and we take pride in our dedicated team that provides the best properties in the market with top-notch service.




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